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Appearing on this blog are the following Brethren of the Knob and Fader in the order in which their posts appeared. Links will open in a new window.

Midas mixicus
 Jon Dayton - Owner: BNB Sound, Founder: Genesee Production Group, Audio and Lighting director for the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, live mixer, recording hack.
(I won't waste time linking to posts, if the guys below didn't write it, I did.)

Devilicus Handsomicus
Karl Maciag - Audio man about town, system designer, musician, frequent guest poster, handsome devil.
Studious recordus
B. Moore - Owner of Redbooth Recording in Rochester, NY; Producer, Engineer, Composer, Arranger, Musician, Visual Artist, Photographer, and insane collector of Star Wars memorabilia.

Funkis Bassisticus
Anthony Kosobucki - Sound & Lighting Director for The Tabernacle in Orchard Park, NY, also one heck of a live sound and recording engineer.

Systemus engineerus
Gordon Wood - Live Sound Engineer, recorder of pipe organs, Electrical / Systems & Building Automation Engineer

Regus viking

Kevin Bruschert - Owner/Operator of Viking Productions in Nashville, TN; former touring bass and key player; was once hit by a truck.

Arangeous Maximu
 Bryan Savage - Worship Pastor at Hamburg Wesleyan, musician, writer

Theatricus mixicus
John Baiocco (Chachi) - College student, office supply store manager, theatre mixing specialist.

Duzit allicus
Evan Stoddard - Young audio henchman, coder, upright bass player, volunteer at the church where I work.

Brandon Golwitzer - Guitar player for LiFT, home studio dabbler, mechanical engineer by day.
Serious gearious

Lucy Kalantari (Luciar) - Fellow SUNY Purchase grad, composer, engineer, performer.

Alfred Brown - Recording Engineer, musician, builder of time machines
Craig from - A reader who contacted us with a question
Paul Mitro - Club sound guy, HVAC tech by day.
Steve Kowalcyck - Freelance lighting guy, drummer, drum builder.