Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Stand By!" or How I Accidentally Started A T-Shirt Business

About a week ago while prepping for weekend services at the church where I work I got a wild idea for a tattoo for our relatively mild mannered director. I scribbled down a quick sketch and showed it to him. He said it was probably a bit much for a guy who works at a church and I came back with something about dry bones from Ezekiel and then we started talking about a butterfly wearing a headset and after that it frankly started to get a little weird. If you've never worked in church production it's full of just as many characters as regular production. But I digress. 

The long and short of it is that it's incredibly easy these days to get a company online to do a one-off print of a t-shirt idea you have.  So one night last week I sat down and did a proper drawing, scanned it, touched it up, and had it uploaded and ready to print in about an hour. I didn't really intend to do much more than order one of these to wear around the office but people seem to like the idea and in a little under an hour more I had an online shop going where you can get this guy on all manner of shirts and tank-tops and hoodies and whatnot.

I make a tiny (miniscule) amount per item that sells but I'm not out to start a t-shirt empire here. Anything I make from this little endeavor will get donated to a local children's theatre nonprofit in my neck of the woods. Here's a link to the store, share it around with anyone you think might enjoy it because after all it was invented just for fun. It's a great gift, whether it's for that "stage manager from hell" that you know, or if things move so slowly on your gig that you feel like you might wind up like this guy waiting for that "go" call, or even if you work at a church and need some "biker cred" to toughen up your image a little bit (just pull out that Ezekiel scripture if anyone stops you in the hall).

There's a deal going on for the next few days too...

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