Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To Nail Voice Overs When Working Solo

Every week I have a couple of voice overs to record to hand over to the video guy at work. Some readers are great, they come in, one-time it and walk out. With others it's dozens of takes and sometimes a little editing on top of that. But what about when you're tracking yourself? 
It can be kind of difficult to criticize yourself on the fly. You can always hit the playback and listen to the entire performance again, but there's a simple way to check on your diction. Just open up any speech to text app on your computer or phone, hit record and go to town. When you finish, if what's on the screen matches your script, you're good to go. 

It's not a perfect catch-all, but it can be a help when you're tired or in a hurry and having trouble running your own session and performing up to spec. I tried it with my phone a few minutes ago and it seemed to make getting complicated phrases right a little easier. After all, one of the biggest issues in VO work is rushing. Even if you don't look at the output of the program, just knowing that you have to speak so that Siri or Dragon can understand you will help you nail the take.


  1. Pretty much as unrelated as you can get, while still being on topic: Have you ever used Vocalign to match up VOs, ADR, or for super-tight backup vocals? It. Is. A. Mazing.

    1. I've heard that the big dogs do that. Pretty sweet.


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