Thursday, July 25, 2013

We Have Not Abandoned You

Fear not Brethren of the Knob and Fader. We have not abandoned you. It's just the busy season. As many of you are experiencing first hand, festival stages are raging and many of us are spending far fewer hours in front of our screens. Also... sometimes life happens. Such has been the case for a couple of podcasts lately. We're not a big organization. Sometimes It's eleven o'clock at night and we just look at each other, bag the podcast and go have a cigar.

So while the articles are still going to be a little few and far between, and we may yet miss another podcast or two, we will be getting back on track as the summer draws to a close. July is historically a slow month for blogs. So for those of you not gigging your backsides off just hold tight and we'll be back to full strength in a little.

Thanks for hanging with us.

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