Sunday, July 14, 2013

SNR Podcast #54 - 7/14/2013 - EAW Anya, Rigging

This week hosts Jon Dayton and Anth Kosobucki go over some details they overheard about the new EAW Anya line array system. Then talk turned to rigging, a little bit about what to do and a whole log about what not to do. Things are still a little busy at SNR headquarters this week so the YouTube version had to take a back seat again. If there's enough clamor we'll get after it. Until such time feel free to use the MP3 link to stream or save for later. Also, take our survey about whether the YouTube version should stick around or not.

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  1. I watched the anya presentation, too... It seems interesting... but, beam steering isn't anything new. This seems pretty inclusive... but, doesn't renkus heinz have something like this, too?

    The moderator seems a bit like a douche, though. I wouldn't want to have to work for him.

    I talked to one of my "varsity" friends and he said he wouldn't buy anything EAW anymore. So, it may be an uphill battle for LOUD to market this to the market that would make use of it.


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