Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PSA: How To Speak At A Podium

Here's something else I'm sick of seeing. People crouching to speak into a podium mic. Now unless said mic is some bargain basement dynamic mic and the system is really substandard there's just no reason for this. More often than not you're looking at a pretty decent condenser gooseneck with a nice tight pattern. Even if it's a humble SM57 there's still nothing to worry about. You can put enough gain on in either situation to pic up a speaker from a good distance away.

That's why it drives me nuts on everything from the Grammys to a small high school graduation to see people turn their head sideways and crouch down to kiss a mic that was set up to pick them up from a foot or two away (and stay out of the camera shot). Even if the announcers are properly trained you'll see winner after winner come up to do an acceptance speech and holler right into the wind screen. I can understand rockers not being able to help themselves, it's what they're used to. But actors do it, politicians do it, the music teacher does it at the recital in the church basement.

That's all I got for ya today. End rant.

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