Friday, July 5, 2013

Console Tracking? There's An App For That

I realize things are getting a little sparse here. What can I say. It's the festival season. I did run across one little thing that I thought might interest some people so at least you get a link to check out today.

As you can see from this screen shot this app gives you a pretty accurate representation of a console right on your iOS device. For those of us who are out there working on a different console night after night and often sharing channels with other acts, saving settings has always been kind of a pain. If you're tracking a theatrical run for safety, it's worth printing out cut sheets. If you're running club to club though, it's hard to know what you'll be mixing on and carrying around a book full of blank sheets is a little inconvenient.

Lots of guys just use a sheet of paper and create a quick spreadsheet. Lots of guys just snap some pics with their phones. For many that's fine, but this app is for all those that wish they could really get a lock on their settings and have easy recall with less chance of getting lost. The benefit of the app is that you're not scrolling across a zoomed in picture, you're locked into a channel at a time and you can just scroll down.

Sure setting up a virtual console to match what you just did at sound check will take a minute. But anyone who has hastily scribbled settings on the back of a flyer or snapped a pic knows that it's not too hard to wind up on the wrong channel and dial the overhead settings into the bass channel or some such thing.

So for five bucks you can have an actual representation of the desk you're working on in the palm of your hand (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) and have those settings locked in for sure. At the moment there are about fifteen consoles in the app, from Midas, Soundcraft and Yamaha. More are promised (A&H) comes to mind as being a pretty important one to include. It sounds like they're starting to work on outboard gear as well.

Until the whole world is digital something like this is still going to come in pretty handy. When console recall is in your job description for the night, you've got another tool in your arsenal to help things go right. Here's a link to the app so you can check it out yourself.

SNR has received no compensation for writing about this product. We just thought it was cool and might be useful to some of our readers.

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