Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Behringer Is Knocking Off Focusrite Now

I was doing a little late night browsing and came across a press release over on PSW:

It looks eerily like a Focusrite Scarlett box with its red face and half rack space form factor. Let me back up a little from calling it a knock off though. It seems like it sits sort of between a couple models. It has six ins and ten outs.

It'll do 24/96, MIDI and works over USB or Firewire. For $200 if it's got any mojo at all it looks like it's probably a decent entry level product. With everybody and their uncle getting into the interface market these days it's actually surprising that Uli hasn't gotten one on the market sooner than this.

It won't be long before they're out and about and you can be sure there'll be some buzz in the forums about them. Behringer is quickly shedding their rep for turning out defective gear. With the X32 getting rave reviews and the one lowest defect percentages in the industry it's getting so the B-word isn't something to be ashamed of having in your rack.

Time will tell.


  1. You'd be surprised how many people see the name behringer and think "pro products." I do a lot of shows with DJ's and they all think that Behringer is the top of the line "shit," second only to mackie.

  2. They've always been a company that's made some decent stuff in there with the crap. Thor whole M.O. Is to find out what people like, add a couple features and slash the price. As much as I cringe when I see their stuff out on a gig I'd rather see Behringer than Peavey or Yamaha.


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