Sunday, June 16, 2013

SNR Podcast #51 - 6/16/2013 - Things That Sound Bad That Sound Good

This week hosts Jon Dayton and Anth Kosobucki have a little fun talking about things that sound bad on their own but that can sound oh so right when used properly. With, of course, all the usual side tracks and diversions. As always you can check out the YouTube version right here or use the MP3 link below to stream or save for later. Also, there's a link to the Black Flag documentary that was mentioned.

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  1. What instantly came to mind is one of my favorite guitar tones of all times: the infamous "Sunlight" guitar tone (Boss HM2, all knobs turned to 11). Does it sound totally crappy? Or does it sound just raw, mean and brutal?

    And just the other day I read about a $180 pedal that simulates a broken cable. Maybe the most useless effect pedal ever.


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