Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post Production for Animation

Here's a little something from an ever growing area of our industry. When I was just starting out film and TV work was something that was out there but a lot of us were much more interested in the excitement of touring or big time studio work. Now days, sound for animation and games is absolutely huge. I'm seeing a lot of kids in the forums looking to break into this area of the business. 

Luckily, getting a start is easier than ever. With the price of equipment coming down and the ubiquity of internet video there's a lot of projects out there. Developers making game apps, film students making shorts for YouTube, they all need sound and it's a great place to cut your teeth. All while hoping to break into the big time. 

Here's a little glimpse into one of those big time gigs. Monsters University just came out and Sound Works released a short piece about the sound design where Tom Meyers talks about the thinking that went into the sound design and then walks through all the elements of a scene. It's ten minutes well spent even if you're not that interested in post work.

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