Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Amps from QSC - PLD & CXD

I've always been a big fan of QSC. When I first made the jump from entry level products it was an easy move. Yeah they were twice the price but with twice the power and half the weight it was an easy move to make. 

Sure, you might not have as much street cred as the guys that roll in with racks of Crown or Crest, but the poor reputation of light weight amps has pretty well dissipated over the years and it's pretty hard to argue against them. Class D is here to stay.

The new boxes from QSC are four channel and offer internal DSP, routing and connectivity.  The most interesting feature to me is the ability to gang up channels beyond simple bridging. That means you could have a single, four channel amp to pump 1000 watts in to each of four monitor mixes at one gig and then reconfigure it to act as a single, powerful sub channel at the next gig.  They run from 4 x 400 watts up to 4 x 1150 watts and the biggest can combine for a masive 5000 watts out.

There's install models too. Guys looking for Euroblock on the back panels or wanting to drive 70 volt systems are taken care of.

Here's a link to an article over at ProSoundWeb with some pictures, a few videos and a link to the QSC website.  PSW Article


  1. oh, noes! are you guys shilling!?!?!?

    How much did you get paid to write this up?



    1. I should have added a disclaimer. Just plugging the gear we like and use ourselves, as usual. Of course, if any manufacturers wanted to shower us with demo units we wouldn't be opposed to that.


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