Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ashly WR-5 Remote Gain Values Table

This one is going to be for a pretty small audience. Those of you that use Ashly products like the ne24.24M or other Protea products that use the WR-5 remotes will know what I'm talking about here. Everyone else can take the rest of the day off because this is going to be extremely dry. 

When you set the remotes up to run the gain of a channel on your device you don't get gain numbers, you get a scale from 0 to 99. While tuning by ear will often work just fine it's nice to know exactly where you stand sometimes. Ashly provides a formula in the support section of their website but if you're on the ground trying to get something going sometimes a quick look up would be easier than trying to figure this out.

  ne24.24M gain = [(WR5value -1) * 62 / 98] -50

So to make life easy on myself today I plunked out a little spread sheet to print out and tuck somewhere convenient for future reference. Then I thought other users might like to have the same thing handy so I saved it as a PDF and here you go.

I plan on leaving it in the public folder on my Dropbox but if it's of interest to you, better save it somewhere just to be safe.

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