Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mic Week - Part 3: AKG D112 Kick Mic

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It's Mic Week! We're not shooting for the stars just yet. This week's focus is on garden variety mics that you're likely to run into nearly everywhere you go. Today's catch is the AKG D112 kick drum mic.

Back in the days when metal reigned supreme these were about all you would see on stage after stage. They're well suited for picking up a lot of attack. As styles changed and sub woofers got better, people started looking for something better. Mics like the Shure Beta 52 and more recently the AKG D12 reissue (that's a 12 not a 112)  bring more low end to the table.

Even though it's seen less and less on kick drums, there's usually still two of them in everyone's mic box. They find good use on large floor toms and sometimes bass cabinets. A few people who have watched the video for Closer by NIN will even ask to sing on it occasionally. (Two NIN references in a week!)

While many will turn their nose up at this former champion of the kick drum, there's a great little trick to make one sound great with very little work. We did a post a while back featuring our favorite Kick Drum Mic Trick. If you're short of inputs and can't do an inside and outside setup, or if you've only got a beat up old D112 on hand this will make your day. Get it inside the drum, turn it around and point it up toward the top of the front rim. The post covers it in more detail.

These posts are meant to be a little generic. I'm relying on all you salty old dogs out there to fill in the gaps in the comments section. Got any tricks or odd usages? Hit us up.

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