Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some Links

Normally we try not to rely on other sites to fill up our pages. If we get busy we just hold off on posting. If there's something really juicy we'll toss in the occasional Bobby O link of course. Because we've been too tied up to really give you a full lineup of posts I thought I'd take a minute and give you a little bonus Saturday post this week with a couple links we like.

If you listen to the podcast you'll know that we're big fans of Reddit. If you're going to waste time it's a pretty good place to do it. Buried in there among the cat pictures and silly memes are a couple of really great audio forums. and are two of our favorites. Nothing against Gearslutz or ProSoundWeb but if you're looking for a really great place to get or share audio information without worrying about trolls and flame wars these are it. In addition to those there are a host of other audio themed subs (which is what they call their forums) that cater to specific interests such as DAWs, instruments, types of music, music production, post production and on and on. Your mileage may vary with some but I'll swear to the authenticity of the two I linked to.

The next one I'd like to mention is r/audiomemes. Most audio subs frown on the posting of funnies so a couple thoughtful guys started a forum just for that purpose. There's already a few dozen good ones in there and they're just waiting for your contribution. Just please, don't post them anywhere else or you'll get yelled at.

And last but not least there's what could possibly be the most useful if it manages to take off. In r/postaudio (not to be confused with r/audiopost) you can throw up a post offering your services. It doesn't matter if your a mixer, mastering engineer, arranger, composer or whatever. It's open to musicians as well so if you're available to contribute to projects you can put yourself out there. Most importantly, if you've got a project going and you're stuck, you can put it up and people will fall all over themselves to give you back the best tracks, mixes and masters. You can pick the best one. It's set up to operate on a barter basis, like trading web design for mastering for example, but PayPal deals are also kosher. Again, this is the spot to do this. Other subs frown on soliciting work so do it there or don't do it. If this sub hits critical mass it's going to be a super resource to have for both the cash strapped musician and the young engineer looking for work. Tell your friends.

That's all the linky goodness we have to share for now Brethren of the Knob and Fader. If you've got some good ones, hit us up by email or on Facebook and we'll start compiling a list.

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