Sunday, April 14, 2013

SNR Podcast #42 - 4/14/2013 - Gain Structure (1st Anniversary)

This marks the one year anniversary of the podcast, lagging just slightly behind the start of the blog we've been "on the air" nearly every week for a year. No small feat considering how busy our lives are. This time around we discuss gain structure. If you're looking for a clear, scientific explanation of theories and proper techniques, look somewhere else. Jon and Anth talk real world experience, a host of ways not to do things, and get lost a couple times along the way. But you know how it is if you've been with us long. We're just a couple guys on a couch who talk about audio. Here's to another year!

As always you can check out the YouTube version right here or use the MP3 link below to stream or save for later.


  1. Happy anniversary :) Considering how many podcasts fall victim to "podfade" after a couple of episodes, 42 shows is already quite an achievement. Still, I hope you keep doing this for a real long time.


    *off to listen to the show now*

    1. Thanks for your continued support and involvement. As an early friend of SNR you're at the top of the list to be a guest. We'll be trying to do more Skype participation this year. We'll just have to figure out the time difference as it's usually the middle of the night here when we record them.


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