Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SNR Mini Podcast - The Smash Channel

Here's the latest of our mini-podcasts where we take up five or ten minutes of your time to go over a technique and give some examples. This time it's the "smash channel" which is the common name for parallel compression.

In short, you double up a channel, either by bringing it into a console twice with a Y cable or by double routing in a digital desk or DAW. The first channel is left alone (or processed only gently) and the other one is mashed to oblivion with a compressor. This lets you keep all the lovely dynamics, those little spikes that are so interesting, in your signal. Meanwhile you start to sneak the smash channel up underneath it and you can add as much fatness and resonance as you like.

The example given is just a simple vocal track pulled from a live performance. No other samples are given this time because it's just so easy for you to practice on your own. Get your hands on some files or just make your own. Then double down and get busy with a compressor. There's a whole new world of excitement here because you don't have to choose between the sparkle and excitement of dynamic content and the fatness of compressed tracks.

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