Friday, April 19, 2013

Acoustic Electric

People who want to play acoustic and electric guitars have always had to trade off. Either put one down and pick the other one up, or use something like the Parker Fly which didn't really do either thing well. I finally heard a solution that was literally the best of both worlds last weekend.

A guest musician at church brought in a Telecaster that he had modified with a Fishman pickup in the bridge. Amazingly that slab of an electric guitar sounded as good as any of the pricey acoustic guitars we have week to week, and we have some good ones. 
The really great thing about it was that he had set it up with a separate output jack so he didn't have to choose. With a tuner bypass for either signal he could switch back and forth or even run both together which he did a fair amount. That weekend we didn't have as many musicians as we usually do so it was great to have this acoustic sound that was perfectly in time and in tune with the rhythm electric. 

In the sample below you can hear it on the right side. It's a little lower because it's the rhythm part. I assure you though that there are only two guitar players on stage. The one on the right is the Fishman through a Radial DI and the Tele through a Blackstar combo amp miced with a 609.

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