Sunday, March 31, 2013

SNR Podcast #40 - 3/31/2013 - Gigs, Recording, Mastering

Hosts Jon Dayton and Anth Kosobucki are joined again by Brandon Kapral to talk sound. We covered gear maintenance, live mixing, and some new experiences from a first arena gig to a first dubstep mix. We even threw in a little lighting this week. Unfortunately a bum mic left us with a few drop outs, sorry for the inconvenience. As always you can check out the YouTube stream right here or use the MP3 link below to stream or save for later.

  • SNR Podcast #40 - 3/31/2013 - New Gigs - Jon Dayton, Anth Kosobucki, and Brandon Kapral talk live mixing, gear maintenance, mastering and a little lighting.
Here's a link to the dubstep track that Jon worked on this week.

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