Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Week Pt. 5 - Mixing With Your Mind

We saved the best for last. Anth Kosobucki weighs in with his new favorite book about mixing.
This is a recent read for me. Recent to the point, that I am still reading it. The book is Mixing with your mind by Michael Paul Stavrou. The forward was written by George Martin. That should probably indicate to you, that the writer knows what he's talking about, pretty well. The entire concept of the book, is essentially laid out in the title. 

He explains quite wonderfully how much easier, and better sounding you can make a mix, by using some simple techniques, that simply require a little more brain power than a lot of engineers put in. I read fairly quickly, but have kept going back to the chapters I have already read, and kept re reading them. Hence why after a week and change, I'm not done with a 300 page book.

The only issue that I have with this book is that it isn't available. At least not conveniently. It isn't available in bookstores, at least not around here. It's not even available on Amazon. Every once in awhile some will show up, but there isn't an 'expected on' date listed there. The only way to get a hold of this thing, is to order it directly from the author, in Australia. If it's in stock. It costs about $75USD plus the international shipping. 

The book is easily worth double what you will pay for it. There are so many amazing ideas, and techniques, that you'll probably just leave it on your workstation permanently. The copy I have now is a loaner from a friend. I'll be ordering my own soon enough. It's far too useful to not have around.

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