Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Week: Pt 3 - Live Sound

As book week rolls along I'd like to bring up my current favorite. I'm responsible for getting tech volunteers up to speed at the church where I work. It can be kind of like teaching your grandparents how to use a computer if they show up without any prior knowledge. This is the mouse, when you move it the pointer moves, this is the left button, you can click on things with it. Having to start out with the basics of physics, electronics, gear and technique can be a serious setback.

That's why I have a stack of Live Sound Fundamentals by Bill Evans on my desk and I hand them out liberally. It lets people easily skip over concepts that they already know, and delve into things they still need to learn. Although even as a 20+ year veteran I found I was able to pick up quite a few things. The section on decibels alone is worth the price of admission.

Having gotten through the book I can then get people involved actively. When we run up against something they didn't understand in the book we can stop and go over it, but for the most part the training becomes more of a lab practical. People are connecting the dots to what they've read and I'm working a few levels above the basics where I can really teach them something useful.

If you're interested in joining the ranks of the Brethren of the Knob and Fader - Live Sound Division, this is the book we'd recommend. Have you got others you'd like to see up here as a part of Book Week? Just drop us a line or find us on Facebook, we're taking submissions.

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