Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sample Rate Conundrum

After yesterday's onslaught of digital audio links I'd love to get back to writing but I've been so absorbed getting back into the minutiae of sample theory that I blew all my free time reading. The thing that's really been sticking in my head this time around was the fact that not only is 44.1/16 basically sufficient for all our audio needs, it's even more capable than I previously thought when handled correctly.

All these studies combined with a vague remembrance of another article I read about high sample rate possibly hurting your audio instead of helping it. I has mostly to do with distortion from  intermodulation that actually has more to do with your amp and speakers than anything in the digital chain. Anyway, here's the article.

Then right before I closed the laptop I remembered one more article that addressed the build quality of the gear. It states pretty simply that a cheap interface at a high sample rate can sound worse than a good one at a lower rate.

And just for good measure, since I'm totally slacking off on actually writing anything, one more article on sample rate that has to do with working in the box with plugins.

So there you go Brethren of the Knob and Fader. Way more reading than you bargained for when you clicked in here today. The fundamentals of digital audio are so interesting, but I'm in over my head when I try to explain it. I hope you're getting something out of this. There's real science behind all the hype. You just really have to dig to get at it.

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