Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mission Statement

It's been a while since we've laid it out but it seems like a good time to re-post the mission statement. Right from the get go we were never out to write the last word on anything. We don't do tutorials or white papers. The net is full of them. We're just posting ideas, things to get the juices flowing. All the better if people get in on the comments and start some conversation.

We purposely write so that all the bases aren't covered. We assume that you know some things already and that if you don't you'll click over to Wikipedia or another forum and get yourself up to where you can understand what we're saying. That's how we learned.

The podcasts are much the same way. If you're looking for slick production go check out Pensado's Place. It's a top notch, well produced, pleasing to look at affair with top notch guests.  We're sound guys. We get together and start talking shop before our coats are off. Once a week we press record for an hour and post it to the internet. In our own lives our favorite learning experiences have been listening to older, wiser sound guys shootin' the breeze. It's not ever going to be a fact-a-minute educational experience but you might pick up a trick here and there. The old hands among you will be able to laugh along with a battle story or two.

And that, Brethren of the Knob and Fader, is what we're all about. If you want style and polish, we're not it. We're just guys who push faders for a living.

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