Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Been A Year

It's hard to believe that SNR has been a thing for exactly one year. The original mission was to have a post a day on the topic of pro audio. We fell about sixty short of that goal but after about 250 we figured that quality should come before quantity and decided it would be OK to miss a day here and there.

Of all the things we've done this year to promote the blog and get people talking (not about us but about audio) going on Reddit has been by far the best. The forums at r/livesound and r/audioengineering are two of the best places to go for civilized discussion of our craft anywhere on the internet. Other forums might be bigger or have fancy sponsors, but Reddit is where the gentlemen hang out. Hats off to all the redditors who have contributed ideas and feedback.

Our podcasts have been taking off a little more slowly and we realize that not everyone is going to want to listen to us banter about audio for an hour at a stretch. (You should though cause we're funny as heck sometimes.) What has been catching on though is the mini podcasts. That's where we take eight to twelve minutes and go over a topic with some audio examples and sometimes even have raw tracks for you to download and play with. You can find them on the same page.

We're also on Facebook and Twitter. There's links over on the right side of the blog. If you've got questions, ideas for posts or even corrections for stuff we said wrong, those are the places to get in touch with us. We've already made some great friends on both sides of the Atlantic and we'd love to make some more. 

So enough anniversary gushing. I'll just throw out a little audio tidbit so today's not a total loss if you were coming here trying to learn something.

"It's not a real power amp if you can't arc weld with it."
                                       - Joe Tall

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