Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mid Side Mic Technique

This isn't a proper Project Movie post but you can check the rest of those out with the link if you're interested in the big picture. As I lay out in the audio (MP3 link below) we had a chorus of a dozen voices in a semi circle around a figure eight mic with a pencil mic right on top of it. You record just those two things and then in mixdown you double the figure eight track, flip polarity and pan the two tracks out. In the stereo image the left side is the pencil mic plus the figure eight and the right side is the pencil minus the eight. You can decide after the fact how wide your stereo image is. 

Some people don't like this technique because it feels "too stereo". But in this case that was what we wanted. We were trying to create a chorus of angels so if it sounds a little unearthly that was fine for this project. The nice thing is that you can just pan things in and out until it feels natural to you. Another benefit of this method is that it sums perfectly to mono. You loose the stereo-ness of it but there's no information lost due to phase cancellation. So it's a great choice if your final destination is TV or computer speakers which are generally stereo these days but usually so close together that there's little or no stereo image.

So here's a little lesson in M-S where I lay out the mixdown process for this piece which will shortly wind up on the DVD.

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