Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Giveaway [UPDATED]

[EDIT] I was just informed that the link below just lead to another picture of the plugin. Sorry to have misled you. The link is now correct. 

I know we said we were going to just be posing on weekdays for a bit but since there was a bit of slacking going on this week due to day job stuff I thought I'd drop this little tidbit. Waves had some cool giveaways back around Thanksgiving but we didn't get a chance to pass those on. So here's one from Native Instruments. I'm interested in the distortion plugin (pictured below) in particular although that's not all they've got up for grabs.

Distortion is often thought of as something to be avoided at all costs unless you're a guitar player. The fact is though that in small amounts it's something that can really make a mix. That great "analog" feel that people rave about is distortion caused by saturating transformers, tubes, tape heads and the like. It can produce gorgeous overtones that take something from sounding normal to sounding sublime. Then there's the route you can take that winds its way through break-up, saturation, and finally ends up in  total shredding destruction!!!

So without getting into a bunch of examples I'll just leave you with the link and encourage all you Brethren of the Knob and Fader to pull this out and experiment with it while you're off for the Holiday. Then next time you're neck deep in a project and running out of ideas you'll have a little distortion at your disposal. This could come in handy whether you mix jazz or dubstep and anything in between.

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