Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And.... We're Back

An end has been declared to major Christmas operations. We get our big production up early in the season so that people are free to attend and so that our staff and volunteers are free to celebrate with their families when the time comes. Except that things don't ever really let up for production people. If you've been following along with the Project Movie posts here's a little update.

A few weeks away from opening, the dialogue of the film just wasn't right. I had studied all I could but I should have done more practical testing and when the time came on set I should have insisted on better takes from the actors. Some of our most tender and significant scenes were just a wreck. It was a pretty serious crisis and I'll cover more of it when I wrap up the series. What it meant for me was that an already hectic part of the year got even more hectic.

Fortunately it was saveable though and eventually we got down to the business of incorporating the movie with live action on stage and a live band to score the whole thing. All this in front of an audience. Rehearsals were intense. Interference from a nearby sports stadium was an ever present problem. Updates and adjustments to the show were constant. 
And then we had three terrific runs.

I have a couple days off to recover before heading back into the fray. A lot of people on the project were worried about Post Show Letdown. I've been immune to it for quite a while but even I had my doubts as to whether it would strike this time. It didn't. Funerals pop up that need tech. Clients call that need a spot of location recording. Oh, and my kids haven't had much time with me for the last month and they kind of miss me. Not to mention that the multi-track recordings from the live events need to be mixed down for the DVD. So far I'm not feeling the slump.

As I was helping the lighting guy strike his gear we got to talking about how we relate our stories to kids that say they want to get into the business.  Well, the pay isn't spectacular, the hours are daunting, the challenges frequently seem insurmountable and nobody really understands what it is that you do. But every once in a while... you get a good one. A gig that will stand in your memory long enough to keep you at it until you get another good one.

I'm pretty fortunate to work in production for my day job. I work with wonderful, creative people day in and day out. So I guess for me they're all good ones lately. But this last weekend I got to be part of something really spectacular. A true gem of a show. Something that went way beyond digital audio and video, beyond sets and makeup, beyond story and script and music. I got to work on something that was greater than the sum of its parts.

OK, OK, enough of the sappy stuff. Tomorrow I'll get back on the grind and start in with the technical stuff again. Thanks to all who made contact during the hiatus. That really meant a lot. We'll be looking to hear from you all now that we can get back down to business as before. We've got a few topics to address and some ideas for fresh podcasts. Feel free to start sending in questions again too. We love that.

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