Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looking for some input from you guys

Hey everyone, I know I said we would try and write more, but this last week hasn't been any less of a work load for either Jon or I. I honestly think he may be a zombie by now.

But I'm not a member of the walking dead yet, so I have a question for every one out there. 

I have been asked to help put together a professional studio. I have a gear list that I'm pretty happy with, and am looking to meet with our investors soon. However, I want to know what you guys think are essential studio needs. Hit me with press, dynamics, channel strips, mics, instruments, plugins, really anything you can think of. I want to know what you guys are using, or would like to use if you were able to. Nothing is really off the table.

So far what is really set is a new ProTools HDX system, 32 ins and 3 of the cards for the Mac. 

Hey, if you want to get super carried away, and send us a dream list of your own, go for it. I'll post it, and give some input on it if you would like.

Hopefully that'll fuel some new topics and a few Podcasts for Jon and me. 

Most importantly, thank you for still reading and checking in on us, while we've been racked with work. Sometimes we wish living the dream included a vacation every once in awhile.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


  1. I'd say aurora converters and you'd certainly need an 1176 or 1176 clone and a distressor.

    are you guys still alive?

    1. We are. We're just in the middle of production on a couple big things. By mid December (2012) we should be back on the air.

  2. We both work in churches, so, Christmas, and Easter are a little rough for us. Keep the ideas coming guys!

  3. ah. staying busy is always a good thing. If we're talking about dream rigs I would also add this new piece from slate pro audio the Rave MTX

  4. We did a podcast about that a couple weeks ago. Soon as we rotate back to the real world we'll get it posted.


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