Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SNR Podcast #18 - 8/26/2012 - From Church Sound to Other Gigs

This week we had a larger panel as your humble host Jon Dayton was joined by Anthony Kosobucki and his wife Amanda got together to answer some questions for our friend Blake Emkhe. He was wanting to know about moving on to other types of gigs if your background is in church sound.

As always you can stream it right here, find us on YouTube, or use the MP3 link below to stream or save it for later.  Thanks for being patient as we work our way through the busy season. There's more podcast goodness lined up for the weeks coming up.

  • SNR Podcast #18 - 8/26/2012 - Jon Dayton, Anthony & Amanda Kosobucki, talk with guest Blake Emkhe about moving from church sound out into the wider world of audio.

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