Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tip of the Day: Wireless Mixing

I finished up a gig at the local county fair last week and walked from my venue to one near by where a friend was setting up for a band. Right before sound check he handed me his iPhone and asked me if I would mix his monitors for him. The trick is that he was using a Presonus digital desk and had his laptop and wireless router with him.

I took the phone right up on stage and quick as a whistle dialed up four monitor mixes while the band ran through a song. They were mighty impressed and so was I as I walked back to the mix. As we tweaked the mix during the first set my mind got to working.

I had handed off a gig to this friend who was going to have to mix it from the side of the stage. It's just a quick in and out set at a ball park and management doesn't want cables strung across a walk way. I was thinking how it would have been nice to have an iPad handy to run the whole mix from out in the crowd and I got an idea. 

If he plugs in his four monitor mixes and then runs his mains on Aux 5 and subs on Aux 6, he can do it from his phone! He won't have access to the whole channel strip so he'll have to walk back and forth a few times during sound check. But for a short and sweet type of gig it will let him get right out in the listening area to mix.

We'll let you know how it works out.

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