Sunday, July 1, 2012

SNR Podcast #11 - Gigs, Compression

This week it was just your humble host Jon Dayton and Anthony Kosobucki enjoying some fresh night air (and traffic noise) and running back over an awesome gig. Then the topic turned to compression, since the last podcast was all about compressors and we didn't do any explaining about what they actually do. We also spent a few minutes on the new MXL mic Jon got for work.

As always you can do the YouTube right here, or hit the MP3 link below to stream or save for later listening.

  • SNR Podcast #11 - 6/30/12 - Jon Dayton & Anthony Kosobucki talk about a great gig they had and then go over the basics of compressors and touch briefly on cheap mics.
  • Guitar Test with MXL Mic - You'll hear the MXL 4000 and an AKG 430 first in AB setup, panned straight up, then on the second repeat you'll hear them hard panned. Then it's the MXL in MS configuration, first straight up and finally hard panned. The hiss is due to the cheap USB mic pre, the air conditioning, and me not being careful during editing. Enjoy.

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