Friday, July 13, 2012

Small Stages

I've been mixing some small outdoor stages lately and I've been having a really great time of it with some of the new powered gear I've purchased. The first moment I really knew I had made the right choice was at the second stage at an outdoor blues/rock/folk festival. I had the acoustic acts and was handling it with nothing but a pair of powered 10s for mains and another two for wedges. I think the highest input count was eight. 
There was a moment early in the day where I had three singers each playing acoustic guitar and one had switched to mandolin. There was also an upright bass player, I looked down at the faders once I was happy with the mix and found they were all within a millimeter of being at unity. I threw on the cans and found the experience to be even tastier. I passed them to my assistant and his eyes just about rolled back into his head.  The whole afternoon until I left I felt almost like I was mixing on studio monitors.

I don't have it handy but I've got some video of a gazebo stage at a historical society event. Check back tomorrow and I'll see if I can get it added on to the post by then. Six inputs: kick, over, sax, trombone, key, vox. They did a Louis Armstrong tune to make the angels weep. And you can barely see the sound system that was just two little boxes providing coverage for four hundred people in a 150 foot deep seating area.

Said all that to say this.  If you hadn't already heard, small powered speakers are the wave of the future and you should go get some.

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