Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Post - Nate DeMare - Always Have A Backup Plan

Temere Freshman Hedum
Nate DeMare is a junior member of our production group. He came up through the ranks of high school lighting and is currently pursuing a degree in theatrical lighting design and also earning his wings doing sound in the local bar and festival scene. Here's his account of a recent festival.

So this past weekend one of the annual festivals in Batavia called the Ramble happened. To start off we unload the trailer. Same old same old. We start micing the stage and all of a sudden the clouds roll over and torrential rain ensues. First lesson here, always bring tarps. FOH, speakers, mics and all the important stuff got covered, but we forgot/didn’t have time get to take up the stage power. The event planners did have a backup plan to move inside a local bar, but thankfully we didn’t wind up needing it. The rain stopped and we had the stage up and running with dry power snakes but had to explain to all the bands why they couldn’t use the other ones. In the end it was a long and tiresome day, but what if there was no backup and the rain didn’t stop? The show would have been canceled and there would have been a lot of unhappy people. Therefore lesson number two and three, always have a backup plan and always bring spares.


Oh, he also signs everything "Random Freshman Kid" which is what RFK stands for.

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