Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tour Time

The post is a little later than usual. I'm feelin it pretty hard this morning and here's why. I got a call last week from a friend of a cousin that desperately needed a sound engineer in Philly (I live near Buffalo).  It was last minute enough to make me a viable option and paid well enough to make me consider it. I'll just give you some of the finer points and then let you mull over and decide for yourself if it's crazy or cool.

5:30am - Wake up, make coffee, throw bags in van
6:00am - Under way, reset trip odometer. Temperature 70°F
10:00am - 220 miles behind us, Temp 85°F, A/C does not work
12:30pm - Arrive at venue early, 350 miles behind us, find a close pub for lunch, Temp 93°F
1:30pm - Meet client and venue, commence load in, Temp 95°F
2:30pm - Venue tells us we can't mix from the house. Move mix to side stage and pull out radios
                   Inside Temp 65°F (ahhhhhhhh)
4:00pm - System tuned, actors happy, promoter happy, client happy. Head to hotel. Temp 100°F
6:30pm - Call time, showered and fed we're back at the venue
7:00pm - Actors do 10 minute teaser to little or no reaction from the crowd.
7:10pm - Wander around with hands in pockets. Outside Temp 99°F, Inside Temp 68°F
8:00pm - Actors do 15 minute main performance with wittily written custom lyrics including humor specific to the client's company and line of work. Audience is an oil painting. 
8:16pm - Bewildered actors arrive at aforementioned pub to find audio techs firmly planted.
                Outside Temp 98°F, Iced Tea Temp 33°F :D
9:00pm - Strike
9:40pm - Sprint for hotel. Outside Temp 97°F. Hotel Lobby Temp 68°F
10:00pm - Make arrangements for direct deposit of buckets of cash.
12:00am - Finally part company with new friends and get on the road. Temp 85°F
4:00am - Can't keep eyes open, turn wheel over to A2, Outside Temp 70°F
5:00am - Finally get off lousy PA mountain roads and pick up fresh coffee. Let A2 go back to sleep.
7:00am - Pull in to home base, 700 miles behind us, flop on couch. 
                 A2 jumps in Jeep to drive straight to work.
9:30am - Wake up from coma, get fresh coffee, kiss children, jump in truck to head back to work.

People in the performing arts aren't in it for the money. Most never make it big, many can barely make rent. We do it for the love.

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