Sunday, June 3, 2012

SNR Podcast #8 - Education

We wound up a little short handed for the podcast this week but two of the regulars and an out of town guest got around the table. We're still curious about the new Behringer digital board (and waiting to see if A&H enters the market at that price point) but we're holding off on diving in. We talked instead about that moment that made us want to get into the biz and then went on to cover college education a bit.

Out out of town guest was Matt Dacey who went through the same theatre tech program as your host, we were roommates for two years in fact. He went on to work in architectural lighting which took him to Dubai for three years. He's back state side and is a rep for a company that does a lot of LED stuff. He's as geeky about lighting as we are about sound and it was cool having him at the table.

  • SNR Podcast #8 - 6/3/12 -  Jon Dayton, Anthony Kosobucki and Matt Dacey talk about getting an education and also wax philosophical about the ethereal nature of our work.

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