Sunday, May 13, 2012

SNR Podcast #5 - Speakers, DJ work and more

This week instead of meeting as a round table I conducted separate interviews and pasted them together for the show. We're also trying out a new host and more recording methods. We hope you're enjoying the process as much as we are. For the time being it seems to be easy to send stuff to YouTube and it's also easy to subscribe there so you get notifications when new podcasts are up. Also, to make it easier on people who want to save it for later listening, there will still be a link below to an mp3 file. Enjoy!

We start out with Gordon and I going over our recent purchases of some small powered speakers, my QSC K10s and his EV115s. Good things come in small packages. Then we move on to talking about DJ work with my long time friend (and original business partner) Brett Orr. He's a DJ of pretty high standards and is out there making it hard on the rest of em weekend after weekend. Then we wrap up with a quick discussion about last week's theatre production with my right hand man, John Baiocco, known to all in the local scene as "Chachi".

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