Sunday, May 6, 2012

SNR Podcast #4 - Live Sound Gear

This week we get into it about live sound gear. Panel members Anthony Kosobucki, Karl Maciag and Gordon Wood join me at the table to talk about our favorite (and least favorite) mics, mixers, speakers, and anything else that comes to mind.

You can find info on our panel members on the Contributors page in the bar at the top. In brief, Anthony is the house sound guy at The Tabernacle in Orchard Park, NY; Karl is a system designer who mainly works in video these days but has a long history in live sound work; Gordon is my business partner who works as a building automation control specialist for an HVAC company, mixes live audio and also records pipe organs in his "spare" time. The panel gathered around my MacBook in yet another step in the trial and error of podcast recording so it's a little crispy sounding but it's all there. 

In the future look for the panel to gather around a mic about every other week, with the weeks in between filled with interview style shows with everything from DJs to guys who mix theatre.

We're also trying out posting on YouTube. Unless a sponsor comes along who wants to take care of hosting for us I think this might be the way to go for now. The podcast pages on the blog will include an embedded player and we'll still post a link to an mp3 file.  Here's the first test print. Feel free to share, embed, post and otherwise distribute this podcast, just give us the credit OK?


  1. I have found the SM58 to be pretty inconsistent from mic to mic, both in terms of frequency response and gain. Do you find this too? Could it be due to the fact that they can get knocked around a lot before they break and therefore you might get mics with varying degrees of... being busted up?

  2. I think that's definitely it. The amount of spit and sweat and physical abuse that those kind of mics sustain can really take a toll on them. I'm sure you would see the same thing if you gave a pricier mic to a gutter punk band for a few hundred gigs.


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