Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Is A Call

I was going to link to a Foo Fighters tune but I think most of you probably have it playing internally right now so I'll get on with it.  Things have really been taking off for this blog which is just amazing to me.  I started out just to get some ideas worked out on paper and hopefully get some discussion going.  In just a month the readership has skyrocketed and I keep hearing back from people that they're reading and getting their friends and co-workers to read.  So here's where you come in.

I've been contacted a few times about corrections and such.  That's just the kind of stuff I'm interested in having right out in the open.  I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I'm writing the final word on these topics.  I feel like I'm a few rungs up on the ladder but I'm distinctly aware of all the rungs yet to climb and the people who are already up there.

So if you've got a thought about something posted here, even if it's just a correction or an expansion of an idea, please hit the comment link and get it out there.  I look at articles I read on other sites and see that thousands have read them but few or none have commented.  That's a waste.  A lot of times the real gold will turn up when an idea gets worked over in the comments.  And for now at least this is a pretty small operation, so you're not just spitting in the ocean if you contribute here.

And if you've got more to say than just a few lines in the comments can cover, by all means get in touch and we'll get you set up to do a guest post.  We're also working on doing a few podcasts, both interviews and round tables so if you're better on the mic than the keyboard we'd love to add you to the mix.
Anything at all would be welcome, rants, philosophy, tips and tricks, favorite gear, hated gear, studio stuff, live stuff, only mildly related stuff, you name it.  I'd even love to have stuff from non-technical people, if you're a performer or even just someone who likes music and has something to say about production, jump on in. Questions are always welcome too.  Some of the easiest posts to write are responses to questions I've been asked.

To get in touch just use the email link in my profile (link under my picture at the upper right) or like the SNR page on Facebook (link under the email subscription box at right) and send a message that way. There's also a Twitter account @Smart2NoiseBlog if you'd like to see new articles in your tweets or you can direct message us that way.

Our resident guest poster Karl Maciag has written his sound guy life story and challenged me to do it in 1000 words or less. (His first draft was 1800!)  If you'd like to contribute your story, how you got interested and progressed in the field of audio, we'd love to have it. If enough roll in I'll make it a regular feature.  Karl and I will get the ball rolling so you can get an idea for length of article and such.

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