Sunday, April 29, 2012

SNR Podcast #3: Touring

Editor's Note: I'm really sorry about the audio quality this week. We tried Google+ as a way to get two guys in remote locations on the podcast and it worked out less than great. It's all there, and there were relatively few dropouts due to bandwidth, but you'll hear some clipping artifacts that I just wasn't able to completely remove. We'll do better next time. Thanks for bearing with us.

This week we upgrade from an interview to a full fledged panel. Karl Maciag joins us again, as well as Corey James Harris, both from the road.  Karl is out for a weekend with the Brothers McClurg and Corey, who works for Clair Brothers has the honor of supporting Van Halen on their current tour. We cover the gamut of tour experiences, from a bunch of guys in a smelly van all the way up to the top of the food chain and pull out a lot of old war stories along the way.

  • 4/28/2012 - SNR Podcast #3: Jon Dayton, Karl Maciag and Corey Harris weigh in with some stories from the road and some thoughts on the touring industry in general.

I've only done one national tour myself. In 2002 I went on the road with Christopher Hopper who did a self booked tour of churches and other venues. He bought an old Bluebird school bus and his bass player (my best friend at the time) and I fitted it out with all the amenities. We were out for three months and played everything from coffee shops that paid us in sandwiches up to church venues that held thousands. We didn't make a cent but we didn't starve either and all made it back to tell the tale. Apart from that I've had a lot of road work in the Northeast, doing one, two, or three night stands with local acts that had branched out, as well as supporting festival stages and church events out of town.

Karl spent a couple years more or less continuously on the road with one act or another. One of his regular clients was Catch 22 when they were out as direct support for Reel Big Fish. His experience took him all over the states and into Canada, generally playing venues in the 2500 cap range. While I had the luxury of touring with my own rig, Karl faced off with a new system most nights and that's where he gained his extensive knowledge of gear, consoles in particular.

Corey was just another kid in one of the bands that I mixed locally. Then one day he shipped himself off to Fullsail. Now, there's a prevailing opinion of Fullsail grads but Corey does not fall under this description.  He's the sort of motivated individual who was going to claw his way up in the business no matter where he went to school. His motivation paid off and he now works for Clair Brothers and in a relatively short time has been out with John Mayer, The Eagles, Journey, and is checking in today from an off date on Van Halen's current tour.

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