Monday, March 12, 2012

Oldies But Goodies

This industry busies itself quite a bit with all the latest and greatest equipment.  The more players enter the scene and the more connected we all become it can be easy to get swamped under waves of shiny new boxes with lights and knobs and screens.  That's one thing that can make you long for the days when audio publications were few and far between and you could actually take in a large swath of what was out there with the turn of a few pages.

But with wave after wave of new technology hitting us it can push us into new and wonderful places.  My own situation for example.  I used to have a full size van and trailer to get my system around with and it took quite a bit of effort to schlep it all into a venue.  Then I had big stacks of speakers that messed with sight lines and the lighting guy.  Now I've got a little pile of self powered boxes that all fit in a mini van, are just as powerful as my old racks-and-stacks rig and they sound like angels made em.  Add to that the compact digital mixer I'm about to purchase and I won't even need an actual FOH mix position anymore, just an empty seat and an iPad.

But it does make me miss the days when I had my first small system and was just learning the trade.  Not that the gear was all that great but the memories were.  Trying to squeeze that last little bit of capacity out of a tiny system and make the band sound great, those were some awesome times.  I'm sure there are lots of memories out there about bad gear and good times, and vice versa.  

Here's where you click on the comment box and tell us all what old gear you miss.  Was it that P.O.S. Mackie that you learned to mix on?  Was it a legendary Soundcraft 400 from back in the day?  What piece of gear do you miss?

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  1. I do miss ADAT... it was clunky, unreliable and archaic and yes, in every way sucked donkey doo doo BUT it had a sound - it was grainy and charming and there are a ton of records cut on ADAT that are amazing that wouldn't have sounded the way they do if they had been on another format. Don't bring it back but I raise a glass to the format I got my start on. Here's to you, ADAT!


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