Monday, February 20, 2012

First Post

For anyone who's read my other blogs I've been absent for quite a while. For a long time it was very therapeutic to write about child rearing and work nearly every day and sometimes more across two or three other blogs, but I finally ran out of stuff to say.

Now I'm in the position of educating a dozen or more people on the art and science of sound and light. I aim to eventually turn out a series of papers that are concise lessons on a particular topic. The problem is that it's a good deal of work to condense even a simple topic into a small, well written, easily digested paper and more often than not I fail to even start out.

With a blog I can sit down and casually throw some ideas around, get some feedback, hear some similar stories, be corrected if need be and come back to it later when formulating a final draft. I realize that the blogisphere is a good place to set yourself up for a smack down, but I feel like it's an opportunity to hear from some folks who are better educated than myself and hopefully improve my knowledge in the process.

So if you're inclined, here's a place to look in on the thoughts of a sound and lighting guy who's out there making it work, day after day. I try to keep current on all the latest developments but my philosophy is very much about making things work with what you have. There are plenty of cats who know all the model numbers of all the latest stuff, but I'd much rather be a guy who can mix the daylights out of a Mackie or a Midas as the situation arises. Feel free to contribute.

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